Ravage - Accusations of Treachery


Configaration Records is proud to present its newest release, courtesy of former Sony Records signee, Ravage.

The album ‘Accusations of Treachery’ (produced by Tone Jonez) sees the UK wordsmith dig deep into social, personal and political issues - transcending the boundary between ‘Golden Era’ and contemporary hip-hop for a distinct and introspective sound.

Hailing from a poverty-stricken upbringing in the industrial city of Birmingham, England, Ravage draws on his own background and life experiences to influence his lyrics and make music that reflects his perceptive take on the world. His words resonate with others on a meaningful level, representing the thoughts and feelings of many in society. Though Ravage pulls no punches when it comes to social commentary throughout his new album, he demonstrates a focus that is more on expressing triumph over circumstances and optimism for the future rather than on bravado and external frustration at the present.

Ravage has been publicly engaged in hip-hop culture since 1988, where an impromptu 32-bar verse about racial injustice gained him respect from his local peers. Rap battles soon followed, and he continued to distinguish himself, building a strong career in the UK underground scene. In 1995, Ravage connected with HMD, the leader of local rap group MSI & Asylum. This alliance with MSI saw Ravage signed to Sony records where he continued to make a name for himself – appearing on major radio stations in the UK, and performing with international luminaries such as Busta Rhymes and Redman.

Eventually, Ravage embarked on his own path, collaborating with other UK artists on the underground ‘Black Samurai’ projects along with appearing on a widely circulated De La Soul mixtape. In the last few years Ravage has been inspired by the fall of the corporate rap structure and subsequent rise of the independent artist/label. He released his first official solo album ‘Laughing at the King’ in 2015; an album focused on social and personal observations that earned ‘Second Best album of the Year’ on DJ Wreck’s Itch FM radio show, along with steady praise from other radio shows such as Ty on PYRO radio.

With a distinct musical style that doesn’t fit the current “norm”, Ravage is a much-needed injection of color into a greying musical canvas and he intends to leave his mark as a widely respected emcee on the world stage. Configaration Records invites you to experience his unique sound and unapologetic honesty with ‘Accusations of Treachery’.


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Download an Accusations of Treachery press kit featuring album art, track list, one-sheet, and images of Ravage.

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