Configaration Records


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Founded in 2010 by Dr. Andrew "Configa" Laidlaw, Configaration Records is a global, independent record label specializing in true-school music.

We are dedicated to bringing fans and avid listeners the very best that REAL Hip-Hop, Rap, Boombap, Beats, R&B, Reggae, Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Rock, Blues, Funk, and multi-genre fusion has to offer worldwide. 

 "True-school means that it can’t be classified as 'old school' OR contemporary. It’s not old, it’s not new. It’s true. It is about a feeling more than any image or sub-genre specifications. It’s music that maintains and represents its true spirit and essence. When I hear music today I don’t get a 'feeling', music should ALWAYS evoke some kind of visceral response. True-school is music free of any outside corruption, artists that can express themselves exactly how they desire without pandering to the latest fad."  ~Configa